What does a Real Estate Agent Do?

A real estate agent or property agent is someone who helps others in selling or buying property.

The type of property sold is usually a house, but may also include other building structures or vacant lots.

An agent must know the market value for a property, be able to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the property, know how to advertise, and know how to negotiate the sale.

Property agents also often work with financial institutions to help their clients get the loans they need to buy the property.

Agents usually work to earn commissions in the form of a small percentage of each sale they make.

Helping Buyers

To help someone buy a home, a real estate agent must first understand the type of house, home price and location the client wants.

Then, usually using the network system property they have, the agent then trying to get the desired property by prospective buyers.

An agent then takes the client to visit several properties in mumbai that fall within his criteria, explains the positive and negative features of each property, provides fair value estimates, and answers client questions.

If the buyer decides to make an offer, the agent will help determine the offer price and forward the offer to the sales agent.

Before the purchase can be completed, the agent usually has to work with other professionals in the real estate industry to make sure all the documents have been properly resolved and the client has the necessary funds.

Jobs like this may involve relationships with bank managers or lenders, home appraisers and mortgage brokers.

The agent then arranges a meeting where the client will sign all the documents and receive the keys to his new home.

Helping Sellers

When a client wants to sell a house, one of the tasks of a real estate agent is to help establish a reasonable price.

Prices are usually determined based on the sale of similar homes in the same area.

An agent will also advise clients on how to prepare the house to attract potential buyers.

The agent then advertises the house to other agents and the general public.

When someone is interested in buying the ready properties in mumbai, the agent then meets with a potential buyer or with a prospective buyer’s agent.

An agent may also hold an open house for a certain period and invite people to look directly and ask questions about the property to be sold

When a purchase offer is submitted, the agent will advise the client whether to accept or reject the offer.

Furthermore, the offer will be processed further when the agent’s client decides to accept it.

Training and Licensing

A real estate agent is usually trained formally in a special class or doing on-the-job training.

Various countries also require a real estate agent to pass a special license exam in order to practice.