Important Things you should know about Student Loans

According to a survey recently applied by emanuelatesi, most people consider student loans appear to be a viable option to continue their academic studies option.

However, only 8 out of 100 have purchased one What should?

There is much talk of ignorance that people have about the concept called “student loans”, and immediately it relates to high-interest rates, long and tedious time, very bureaucratized among other things, but the reality is that not much is known about them .. until now!

the natural origin of a credit … educational.

These types of loans originated Give yourself the time when a student or professional has the latent desire to start, continue or finish their studies at a higher level but for some reason find it difficult to cover a monthly tuition (we’ve all been there), especially talking about prestigious universities where they reach up to 25,000 pesos a month, incredibly.

This educational option main objective is full coverage or part of the costs related to the educational process, however, each institution or person responsible, using different conditions that are often based on contracts with clauses multiwall extension, the end of the day.

As most, people with interest in any degree would be willing to pay a maximum monthly tuition of about 1,500 pesos a month; for a master’s degree approximately thousand pesos and 750 pesos for those who wish to study a course or diploma.

The good news is that there are many choices of educational credits, above all, generate social impact, granting them with zero commissions or interests, simple procedures, and minimum requirements, a great option is the OCCEducation provides you with your OCCEstudiaMore new program, which above all seeks a social impact for our country, give it to your benefits and leave us your comments:

1. Pay according to your means from month to month (from 1,500 pesos) and ends up paying loan repayment exactly the same (or less) than when you are running the process directly with the university.

2. Study now and pay up to 72 months.

3. credit agreement without warranty of any kind without guarantees.

4. Special discounts for prompt payment or anticipated.

5. Special and unique payment plan.

There are many educational opportunities that exist to obtain all those professional achievements with which you have always dreamed, but what the decision is in you. We invite you to enjoy the great growth opportunities that an educational loan offers, such as the OCCEstudiaMás program and some others in the market.

For our part, insurance we have an educational offer that interests you, check the complete list of those who will start this month and next in the next button and ask for more information or share it with a friend who may be interested.


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