5 Reasons To Do It – Work and Study

Getting experience while you are a student puts you above other candidates when looking for a job.


We give you 5 good reasons to start your work life before concluding your studies.
Nearly 40 percent of the unemployed worldwide are young, according to the report Global Employment Trends 2014, published by the International Labor Organization.

The institution estimates that 2013 ended with 74.5 million people between the ages of 15 and 24 unemployed worldwide, and 7 million are in Latin America.

The panorama is difficult, however, opportunities exist, and those who can access them will be the best prepared.

Ideally, school-age people are expected to dedicate themselves exclusively to their studies, but more and more high school and university students seek to integrate into the labor field before finishing their academic preparation, and this decision may have more advantages than you imagine.

1. Acquire experience

One of the main factors that disadvantage young people when looking for a job is the lack of experience. A student fresh out of college could be very frustrated when they discover that their preparation is not enough to find the job they want.

There are two ways to gain experience before finishing school and thus become a “just graduated” candidate much more competitive.

Get a job Mean Time. Probably working in a fast food chain or as a cashier in a shopping center is not the work of your dreams or remotely close to what you are studying. However, all jobs give you life experience, impose challenges and test your skills.

Apply to Professional Internships or become a scholar. Many companies are looking for fresh talent, and although they do not offer a large salary, they allow students of recent semesters and recent graduates to obtain experience and even be hired later.

2. You will earn your own money

Whether it is a minimum wage, having a job when you are young, you face an invaluable learning: earn a salary! However modest, your salary can help you achieve other goals that will boost your careers such as paying for an English course or a diploma that adds points to your CV.

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3. You get Labor References

To earn them, you not only have to have the job but also be a good employee. If you are a waiter, delivery man or salesman, strive to be the best and stand out. Not only is it an opportunity to test new skills, but also when you leave that job your boss will not hesitate to give you a letter of recommendation.

4. You add a plus to your CV

Working while you study is not an easy task. In order to maintain your school performance while you work you will have to put your discipline, responsibility and organization to the test, but surprise! These qualities are very appreciated by recruiters.

Maybe you studied Accounting and worked as a bank teller half a year for a year, when you reach a new company the recruiter will make a good impression to know that you had the ability to study and work, that you were constant in a job and achieved seniority. All that is excellent for your resume and will undoubtedly put you above other candidates.

5. It gives you security

Working for the first time is one of the most challenging and important experiences in life. You learn a lot! And not only the work itself, but other important issues that will serve you throughout your professional and work life.

Having had a previous work experience will make you feel more confident of undertaking a job search when you finish your studies and will help you develop skills. For example, someone who studied Business Relations and starts working life in a Customer Service module could test their negotiation skills and ease of speech, skills that could be very useful for their professional future.

If you are a student and you do not need to work, you are privileged, it means that your parents strive to give you opportunities to prepare better. But if you find yourself in the last semesters of your career it is important that you bear in mind that although an education opens many doors to you, having a university degree does not guarantee you a job. Therefore it is essential that you start planning your professional life and set goals for the future.